Emerging is an agency that strengthens leadership and guides organisational development. We partner with our courageous clients to create positive change for people, the planet and business.

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CASE Association of Municipalities in Kalmar County, Sweden (Kommunförbundet Kalmar län)

Project leadership support

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CASE Dupont (IFF)

Creative collaboration online

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CASE Danish Foundation for Culture & Sports Facilities

From physical facilities to engaging meeting places

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CASE Malmö Live

Developing the strategy together

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CASE Sydbank

Co-creating a stronger Sydbank

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CASE Danish Youth Council

Dialogue as a method for sustainable change

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What we're working on right now

Process design and lead facilitation of Outdoor Summit (+100 participants) for Faaborg-Midtfyn Kommune

The development of a Faaborg Manifest with Foreningen af Folkehøjskoler i Danmark

Supervising mentors in the leadership program Framtida Ledare with Malmö stad

MasterClass program in process facilitation with Various organisations

Facilitating leadership and team development processes with Linnéuniversitetet

Networks for managers and consultants for 3F - Fagligt Fælles Forbund

Consultancy training programs for Dansk Ungdoms Fællesråd

Designing and facilitating a program on Design Thinking for Frederiksberg Museerne

Creating MakerSpaces with Roskilde Centralbibliotek

CASE Real Agency Group

Becoming leaders of innovation

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How we work

From insight to impact, we help organisations and people grow. We work on all levels, from individual coaching and large group interventions, to global movements.