Emerging partners with clients as they navigate disruptive technologies, volatile markets, a changing climate and new political realities. Roads that are both fascinating and frightening to travel – roads that we want to travel with you. We believe in the power of co-creation and want to partner with you to care for:

Our planet

Build successful and resilient businesses and organisations that can make a positive impact on society and our planet.

Our democracy

Strengthen our democratic systems by supporting citizens as they develop holistic and independent thinking skills and the agency that is needed to take action.

Our people

Build healthy, balanced and resilient working cultures that enable people to thrive, in both their professional and private life.

Who we are

Emerging gathers some of Scandinavia’s most skilled practitioners of leadership and organisational development and draws on expertise and insight from a wide range of different sectors.

We are academics, psychologists, managers from the public and private sector, digital frontrunners, entrepreneurs, Kaospilots and artists.

We collaborate closely with our broad network of consultants and partners, in order to offer a team with the right expertise  to meet your unique needs.

Meet our consultants

Our name and symbol

Drawing inspiration from the synchronised murmuration formed by flocks of Starlings, the Emerging symbol manifests our admiration of natural processes. 

It’s also an homage to the curvature of inter-human processes and emphasizes movement, collaboration, connectivity and the importance of defying normative patterns in order to settle on a shared and improved sense of direction.


CASE Vestas

A transformation made possible through focus and determination

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CASE Dupont (IFF)

Creative collaboration online

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How we work

From insight to impact, we help organisations and people grow. We work on all levels, from individual coaching and large group interventions, to global movements.