Creative collaboration online

The power of cross-disciplinary teams working online across the corporation

CASE Dupont (IFF)

the Challenge

To be able to harness the power of cross-disciplinary teams working online in Design Thinking processes across the corporation, creating novel solutions to real business challenges.

the Outcome

Twelve specialised online facilitators with the ability to facilitate efficient and structured ideation workshops. Increased innovation and problem solving and a nurtured creative culture in the organisation.

The main focus of the assignment was to target a group of twelve appointed facilitators and increase their skill sets in online facilitation and the use of Design Thinking as an overall framework. Throughout the program, the participants developed their ability to facilitate creative collaboration and ideation sessions online.

Analyzing impact and feasability of ideas

The training was highly interactive and interlaced short lectures with hands-on work. We worked with action learning and group coaching, taking participants through hands-on experiences followed by reflective evaluation sessions. Throughout the program, there were opportunities to share and formulate insights and discuss how to apply lessons learned in daily life in DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences.


As a final assignment the participants facilitated ideation workshops for internal clients with a need to develop innovative ideas around real business challenges.

The build up of the training was structured in 6 online sessions

“Henrik’s engagement with Design Thinking, and professionalism propelled us toward action based online learning whilst being blissfully unaware just how much we were capturing. His skill lies in unlocking the door to so many connective points such that the more you reflect and practice, the more you get from his course.”

Niall Young, Technical Fellow & PhD

Case facilitators

Henrik Johansson


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