From Sustainable Development Goals to everyday actions

CASE Organisationen Danske Museer

the Challenge

To motivate and inspire managers (museumsinspektører) of Danish museums to transform the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into actions within their organisations

the Outcome

Engaged and motivated managers who; 1) share an understanding of the value and scope of the SDGs 2) are capable of identifying areas of potential improvement within their organisations 3) are capable of translating the SDGs into changes in the day-to-day running of Danish museums

As part of a larger strategic initiative called Museum2030, the ODM sought to offer to its members a structured process for engaging with the SDGs. This involved a revitalization of the strategic purpose of the member organisation to support transformation and ensure the continued existence of Danish museums in an ever changing society.

Dialogue as a measure of creating transformation

ODM wanted a partner with well-documented experience in the facilitation of large-scale processes for managers. Based on a recommendation from one of its board members, ODM reached out to Emerging as a consultancy with vast process facilitation experience. The parties met up and found that they were a great match for the task at hand. Emerging designed and facilitated a process based on an appreciative and collaborative approach, emphasising the importance of polyphony and co-creation.

“With great competence and high spirits, Gry facilitated a remarkably interesting day full of learning and insights for a large group of museum directors. Everything went according to plan and I had full confidence at all times in our ability to achieve the goals set for the workshop”.

– Nils M. Jensen, Director, The Organisation For Danish Museums

Commitment to actions

In January 2020, 60+ managers participated in a workshop led professionally by experienced consultant Gry Guldberg Friis. Gry provided a framework to support the participants’ work of transforming the day-to-day practices involved in running Danish museums. This included process methodologies involving one-to-one and plenary dialogue, co-creation, and qualification. Part of the preparation involved a thorough dialogue-based analysis to establish which SDGs were most relevant for the museums.

“As a facilitator, Gry delivered a very structured process design and beautifully hosted workshop. The participants were extremely passionate and argumentative, so we needed a well-organised process for discussing the Sustainable Development Goals. Gry facilitated with great overview and a firm agenda. The outcomes of the workshop were great discussions and a lot of new insights”.

– Anja Olsen, Museum Director in Rudersdal Kommune and board member of The Organisation For Danish Museums

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