Game-changing campaign innovation

CASE Greenpeace Mobilisation Lab

the Challenge

Boosting the creative capacity and culture of Greenpeace worldwide, finding creative solutions to environmental problems, and engaging greater numbers of people in order to bring about the change that Greenpeace wanted in the world.

the Outcome

Equipping a global network of 400+ facilitators with tools and processes to support campaign teams and inspire relevant ideas.

It started around seven years ago, when Henrik was teaching a group of Masters students at Hyper Island in Manchester. The students were presented with a brief from Greenpeace to create campaign ideas that placed pressure on companies that use palm oil connected to illegal deforestation in Southeast Asia. Henrik was moved by the project, but also realised that Greenpeace faced some hurdles in translating their intention to save the planet, into ideas that could lead to greater impact.

He identified the need to improve how they structure the way they work with ideas, as well as improve their ability to creatively collaborate with others.

At first, Henrik worked for free at the London Office and hosted ideation workshops to develop radically new campaigning ideas. Greenpeace and Henrik and Fantastic Studios subsequently entered into a long term partnership to help develop more innovative campaign ideas for the organisation. Another goal was to strengthen and develop Greenpeace’s own capacity for innovation.

To satisfy both needs, Henrik and Jonas worked with the Greenpeace Mobilisation Lab to introduce a range of different training processes across the organisation globally, such as Human Centered Design, to equip staff with the tools they need.

The result kickstarted a creative revolution inside the organisation by empowering all levels of staff to boost to their own creative capacity and the skills to run co-creative workshops.

There is now a global network of more than 400 facilitators that are equipped with the tools and processes to lead, boost the organisation’s creative process, and support campaign teams in developing relevant ideas.

“A few years down the line we are seeing the impacts of these trainings with project teams taking on co­-creation of ideas with communities as a key part of their planning, greater collaboration between teams internally, and the process Henrik introduced to staff being used to design Greenpeace’s long term strategy for the next 10 years.”

Tracy Frauzel, Mobilisation Strategy Director, Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace

“Many trainers can deliver content, but only some can ensure that participants fully internalise and master new material and put it into action. Henrik and Jonas delivered a world-class curriculum that empowered me and my colleagues with the skills needed to lead others through creative collaboration and idea development. We know because it’s already happening around the Greenpeace offices globally.”

– Michael Silberman, Global Director, Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace

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