Being inclusive in every corner of the organisation

A DEI learning & development process to enhance a NGO’s suicide prevention work


the Challenge

The NGO experienced an urgent need to address more diverse target groups - those, that research shows are in severe risk of committing suicide. Already being aware of diversity and inclusion, Suicide Zero wanted to move to the next level through a highly inclusive organisational development process.

the Outcome

Enhanced knowledge and awareness of diversity issues and paradoxes. A DEI vision, strategy and goals to guide the change process, a toolbox enabling the group to develop a more inclusive culture. Action plans to implement new mindsets and ways of working - both internally and externally.

Suicide Zero has a bold vision to be inclusive in every corner of the organisation. Internally from decision making over recruiting to team cooperation – externally from capacity building over partnerships to mobilization of campaigns. 

The NGO wanted to build on a simple, yet deep and straight-to-the-point-hands on-concept Acknowledging the complexity embedded in the DEI field and the typical challenges for most purpose driven organizations to find resources to prioritize learning and development.

Team meet ups focused on creating a strategy and plans with concrete actions to test, enhance cooperation and develop psychological safety. 

Emerging was onboarded to co-create a process consisting of learning activities, reflective dialogues, strategy and action plan development.

The formats were mixed and based on experiential adult learning: Online and physical workshops were participatory with elements of knowledge sharing, studies were both self paced and in the form of dialogic meet-ups with a “learning buddy”. To avoid an experience of “yet, another project”, a point of departure was taken in the organizational culture and the existing strategy and plans

The change processed used the framework and book “The Diversity Paradox” (Mångfaldsparadoxen) by Sofia Falk.

Team meetings, focusing on creating a strategy and plans with concrete actions to test, enhance team cooperation and develop psychological safety. Throughout the 6 months’ collaboration, a guiding question was: Given the circumstances, the resources and the needs of the group – what will make the most sense and create the highest impact, with the least effort?  


“It has been of really great value to have an external facilitator on board who was also knowledgeable in the DEI-field.  The strategy and action plans co-created throughout the process help us to stay focused. Our increased awareness on how to include diversity as an asset both internally and externally will enable us to reach a broader group of people and hence, support us to proceed towards the organisation’s vision – a society without suicides at all”.

Anna-Maria Broman Ek, Fundraising Manager at Suicide Zero.


Photo Credits: Hanna Busing & Brooke Cagle, Unsplash Sofia Falk (priv)

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