From insight to impact, we help organisations and people to grow. We mobilize people to become innovators, strategists and skilled collaborators capable of turning strategic ambitions into reality. We are passionate about our work, masters of our trade and highly ambitious together with our clients. We work on all levels, from individual coaching and large group interventions, to global movements.

Emerging approach

Our core expertise is facilitation and process consulting, which is guided by the following principles.

Circular & systemic

By taking a holistic perspective and regarding the client as a living system. It is not the consultant who is the expert, but the organisation itself.

Human potential & partnerships

By empowering people to grow, flourish and become capable of leading their own future – independent from us. We believe partnerships and co-creation is the fundament in every successful client relationship.

Agile & action learning

By addressing real challenges that you face and helping you to move from thinking and planning, to taking small and quick actions, before reflecting, learning, before looping back to the beginning again.


By acting on the insights and solutions that emerge out of co-creating with clients, which evolve in the moment, beyond the master plan.

Emerging expertise

Every client relationship is unique. We work close with you in designing and executing everything from one off workshops to long term transformative programs.

Direction & strategy

Facilitation of strategy processes. Building engaging and innovative strategies that are deeply anchored in your organization and purpose.

Culture & transformation

Development of inclusive and diverse organizational cultures in alignment with your strategy and vision. Empowering people to take action and leadership throughout your transformation process.

Innovation & entrepreneurship

Activating your collective intelligence to develop new innovative concepts and ways of working together.

Groups & leaders

Coaching group development and dynamics aligned with strong and values-based leadership.


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About us

Emerging gathers some of Scandinavia’s most skilled practitioners of leadership and organisational development. We believe organisations play an important role in building a sustainable future for the planet, its citizens and our democratic systems.